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Our collaboration harnesses the power of LoadGen's advanced diagnostics to fine-tune Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop environments, pinpointing and resolving performance issues with unparalleled precision. Together, we deliver a unified view of system performance, empowering proactive management and ensuring users enjoy consistently exceptional experiences in their cloud-based workflows.


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Using LoadGen products with Microsoft solutions like Azure, Server, Remote Desktop Services, and Windows 11 enhances performance testing with unparalleled efficiency. LoadGen's intuitive Startup Wizard simplifies setup, while the LoadGen Director centralizes control, making it easy to configure load tests for thousands of users with customized Load Profiles. Our LoadGen Agents accurately simulate user activities within your Microsoft environment, ensuring realistic testing without any modifications to your IT setup.

Securely processing and storing test results in an SQL database, LoadGen provides detailed performance metrics across servers, storage, and network components, measuring user experience accurately. The Recorder captures every action during sample sessions, converting them into scripts for precise replication. Our Script Editor, based on .NET ( and C#) and featuring IntelliSense, allows for advanced simulations with custom code libraries and external files.

Comprehensive Load Scenarios in LoadGen link post events to test phases and individual users, creating a thorough testing framework. The Execute module offers real-time status updates, ensuring you have immediate visibility and control over your load tests.

LoadGen seamlessly integrates with Microsoft's cloud desktop infrastructure, delivering robust performance metrics and exceptional user experiences, ensuring your Microsoft environment runs at optimal performance.

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Intuitive Startup Wizard
Guides users through the setup process and showcases LoadGen Director features​ .

LG DRC insight agents.png

LoadGen Agents
Simulate user activities accurately without modifying the existing IT environment, ensuring realistic testing conditions​

LG DRC load profiles.png

Integration with Azure Virtual Desktop

Seamlessly integrates with Azure Virtual Desktop, allowing for comprehensive performance testing and monitoring of virtual environments​ 

LG DRC datastores.png

Secure Data Management​Securely processes and stores test results in an SQL database, ensuring data integrity and accessibility for analysis

LG SR bestaand script openen.png

Scalable Load Testing

Configures and executes load tests for thousands of users, ensuring the system can handle peak loads without performance degradation

LG AGB dataviewer.png

User Experience Measurement

Measures user experience against performance indicators of servers, storage, and network components​ 

LGn_User simulations_edited.png

Realistic User SimulationsLoadGen Agents accurately replicate user activities within Microsoft environments, ensuring realistic and reliable testing scenarios without modifying the IT setup

LG DGB activate.png

Comprehensive Performance Metrics

Measures user experience against server, storage, and network performance indicators, providing detailed insights into system performance​


Advanced Scripting with IntelliSense

Supports advanced user activity simulations with custom code libraries using the Script Editor based on .NET ( and C#)


Real-Time Monitoring and Updates
The Execute module offers real-time status updates, providing immediate visibility and control over ongoing load tests


  • Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop

  • Windows 365

  • Windows 11

  • Remote Desktop Protocol

  • Windows Server

  • Windows Fat-Clients

  • Microsoft Azure RemoteApp

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Enhanced System Performance

By integrating with Microsoft's cloud and desktop products, LoadGen helps identify and resolve performance bottlenecks, ensuring systems run optimally 


Seamless IT Integration
Integrates smoothly with Microsoft environments such as Azure, Windows Server, and Remote Desktop Services, ensuring minimal disruption during testing

LG DRC load profiles.png

Proactive Performance Management
Real-time monitoring and detailed performance metrics enable proactive management, preventing issues before they impact end-users

LG DRC load profiles.png

Accurate and Reliable Results
LoadGen Agents simulate user behavior without altering the existing IT environment, providing accurate and reliable test results that reflect real-world usage

LG SR bestaand script openen.png

Improved End-User Experience
Ensures a consistently high-quality user experience by optimizing performance across all components of the IT infrastructure​ 

LG SR bestaand script openen.png

Customizable Load Scenarios
Build tailored load tests with linked post events for detailed analysis.

LGn_User simulations_edited.png

Comprehensive Load Testing Capabilities
Capable of simulating thousands of users and creating detailed load scenarios, providing thorough and realistic performance testing​

LGn_User simulations_edited.png

Real-Time Monitoring
Immediate status updates and control over ongoing load tests through the Execute module.

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