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LoadGen Load and Performance Testing

LoadGen Performance Testing provides a realistic simulation of end-users for systems including Citrix, Remote Desktop Services, VMware, Fat Clients, and now, web applications on various browsers. It creates reliable and objective simulations that identify the potential impacts of proposed changes to your IT environment. This predictive ability grants you a sneak peek into the future - showing you what will happen before the change is actually implemented, thus allowing you to maintain full control over the performance of your IT environment. This, in turn, ensures a smooth and unhindered user experience across all your systems and web platforms.


With LoadGen, stay a step ahead and keep your digital environment performing optimally at all times.

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Benefits of LoadGen

Load & Performance Testing

Magnifying Glass icon

Discover where problems may arise and prevent them from happening.


Eye (White color) icon

Always see what the exact breaking point of your IT performance is.


Resize icon

Automatically scale up and down - whenever it suits your (customers) needs.


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Never disappoint end-users.

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Never miss customers during peak moments.


Adjusting controls icon

Stay in control of your IT performance.

Begin your journey to improved performance with LoadGen

The key to business success lies within an optimally functioning IT environment, but defining 'optimal' can be a challenge. How can you be sure that your environment meets the necessary performance and capacity benchmarks? With LoadGen, you'll gain comprehensive insights into your IT environment on various levels. Our solution highlights underlying issues and tests the potential impacts of changes on the user experience in advance – all in a proactive, user-friendly, and swift manner.

Expand your scope of testing with LoadGen’s capabilities for web testing. Monitor the performance, scalability, and user experience of your web applications in various popular browsers to ensure an optimal user experience across all platforms.

LoadGen Load & Performance Testing supports Citrix XenApp, XenDesktop, Microsoft Remote Desktop Services, VMware Horizon, Azure Virtual Desktop, fat clients, and now web applications too. The insights gained through LoadGen enable the pinpointing, identification, and resolution of issues within a single day. Start making informed decisions with LoadGen, because improvement begins with understanding.

LoadGen is made for your virtual desktop environment

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... and for your web testing needs

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LoadGen Applications

Whatever you wish to test, LoadGen makes it easier with user-friendly software. Load tests, stress tests, performance tests. The wide range of Load and Performance Testing options allows you to create customized simulations in just a few simple tests. The outcomes mean that you can take appropriate action well in time so that the user experience of your IT environment remains optimal.


Would you like to get the most out of our software? Take our course and become a Certified LoadGen Pro! Everything is under control with LoadGen.

LoadGen Director Icon
LoadGen Director

Configure. Execute.


Straightforward preparation of your tests, set-up your tests

from a single, easy-to-use console.

Loadgen STUDIO icon
LoadGen Studio

Simulate actual usage.

Build your own stunning end-user test

simulations, without the need to write scripts or see any code.

Loadgen Analyzer icon
LoadGen Analyzer

Analyze. Report.


Real-time monitoring, analyzing test results and automatically converting them into insightful management reports.

L&P Pricing


Free Trial

€ 0,-

Get acquainted with our new and improved Load & Performance Suite.


21 days of free testing with 5 vUsers at your total IT environment and end-user experience.


During your free trial, you can test with 5 users (vUser).


Learn as much as you can about our great features.


Your free trial includes LoadGen Director, Studio, and the Analyzer.


You’ll get support through our website.


No credit card is required.

After your free trial

Contact us for a quote

Citrix, Remote Desktop, VMware Horizon, Azure Virtual Desktop, Windows Fat Client, and Web Testing -- all can be used with one subscription!


Scalable from 50 to 25.000 vUsers, subscribe only to the number of users you want to test with.


Multiple Load Scenarios.


Subscriptions of LoadGen from 1 week, 1 month, 3 months, 1, 3, to 5 years.

Multiple Ramp up phases including idle phases.



Custom actions (email/executable) – on several test and simulation events



The LoadGen Suite includes the LoadGen Director, Studio, and Analyzer.



You will get premium support.

LoadGen Gallery

Director Canvas

Director Canvas

This is the canvas of the LoadGen Director, where you can easily create your test infrastructure

Director: Run your test

Director: Run your test

An overview of the dashboard of the LoadGen Director when running a test.


Studio: Simulation Flow

In the start page of the Studio you can visualize your Simulation Flow.


Studio Recorder: Action pane

With actions you can easily create your user simulations. Use LoadGen QuickApps to add default actions for Microsoft Office, Adobe and Internet Explorer.


Analyzer: Stunning charts

Create your own stunning charts or use the predefined charts already created for you!


Analyzer: Stunning charts

Create your own stunning charts or use the predefined charts already created for you!


Analyzer: Stunning charts

Create your own stunning charts or use the predefined charts already created for you!


Analyzer: Stunning charts

Create your own stunning charts or use the predefined charts already created for you!

Get started with your Free Trial today!

No credit card required

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