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Maintain the optimal performance of your virtual desktops and websites with LoadGen

Are your virtual desktops or websites experiencing slowdowns?
Begin using our software for comprehensive performance and load testing, as well as monitoring IT environments, business applications, and websites from a user perspective.

We specialize in Virtual Desktop, Desktop, and Web Testing, offering support for all major Virtual Desktop technologies and various popular browsers, to ensure your systems are running smoothly and efficiently.



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LoadGen is made for your virtual desktop environment


... and for your web testing needs


Begin your journey of performance testing today with LoadGen!

We offer a comprehensive software solution not only for virtual and traditional desktop environments but also for web testing. Our solution is tailored to customers and service providers aiming to build, test, and maintain optimal performance, superior user experience, scalability, and seamless availability. It integrates all aspects of your business applications, including web applications on various popular browsers. With LoadGen, you can ensure that every component of your IT environment, be it desktop or web-based, functions at its peak efficiency.


Discover problems and know your IT's breaking point

Discover where problems may arise and prevent them from happening to never disappoint end-users again.


Work with an automatically adjusted workload

Automatically scale up an down based on your (client's) company's changing size and needs.


Get insights for cloud-solutions

Perfect insight for DaaS and SaaS cloud-solutions such as Microsoft Azure & Amazon Web Services.


Flexible pricing and flexible contracts

Competitive prices based on your needs. Subscriptions starting from 1 week, per test user.

Our products


Load & Performance Testing

The ultimate load, performance and stress testing software

An optimally functioning IT environment is the foundation of a successful business. However, what is meant by optimal and how do you know if your environment meets the required performance and capacity standards?


LoadGen gives you insight into your IT environment on multiple levels. It shows underlying issues and tests the possible effects of changes on user experience in advance. Proactive, user-friendly and fast.


End-to-End Monitoring

Improvement starts with


Productive employees and happy customers are key to a well-functioning business.


You may facilitate employees and service customers with software, applications and more.


But what is the user experience? What are the areas for improvement?


Are complaints genuine? And do applications perform similarly at every location?


Functional & Automated Testing

Create functional tests and automate test with Jenkins or Team Services

The extensive LoadGen Functional & Automated Testing options make it possible to create simulations and functional tests for users that address their specific queries.


Different test cases can be created with focus on aspects such as functionality, user convenience, efficiency, and flexibility. A time-saving method that can be integrated with build automation tools such as Jenkins and Visual Studio Team.


Workspace Performance Insight

Coming soon!

Find out which applications your employees or clients use the most and the least? Or which versions they use and how these perform?



LoadGen’s Workspace Performance Insight allows you to assess the usage and consumption of your application on all devices (both workstations and servers) running Microsoft Windows.

Coming soon...

User-Friendliness is leading

LoadGen explained

LoadGen prides itself on the user-friendliness and seeming simplicity of its products. Complex, well-thought-out ideas, and software-code are translated into proven, effective products and made ready-to-use for our clients.

Intelligent and intuitive software where positive user experience has priority. That is what we strive for day in, day out. Innovation is not our objective, innovation is LoadGen!

LoadGen and your organization

LoadGen is the perfect solution for any business, whether you’re a small business or a large enterprise. Our software is designed to be easy to implement and can be tailored to fit the needs of different industries. Our goal is to help businesses optimize their performance and be able to handle a large number of tasks with ease. Our team is dedicated to providing the best experience possible, so you can be sure that you're getting the most out of your business.


Meet some of our clients


'We can not afford any downtime, that is why we chose LoadGen!'

Skyler Coline

'The costs of our call center dropped significantly because we respond proactively with LoadGen!'

Bob Michaels

'We wanted the certainty of performance and scaling up automatically. With LoadGen it is!'

Jason Chan

Get started with your 21-day free trial today!

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