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Load & Performance Testing

End to End Monitoring

Functional Automated Testing

What is the next planned change in your virtual desktop going to do? Slow down or even crash your VDI?

Create objective simulations on your end users and identify the possible effects of these planned changes. Gain full control over your IT environment's performance and your end-users will be able to continue to use your systems unhindered.

How do end-users experience your Virtual Desktop Environment? Which areas need improvement? And do business applications perform similarly at every location?

Pro-actively respond to any issues and get full control. With End to End Monitoring's objective results as a reliable base to run improvement processes you can decrease the number of user complaints and increase user satisfaction.

Manually testing changes in software for specific users or specific issues takes effort and is time consuming. 


Do you got specific queries from specific users to solve? Use Functional Automated Testing to create specific simulations and functional tests. 

This time-saving method can be integrated with build automation tools like Jenkins and Visual Studio Team.

Discover where problems may arise and prevent them from happening.


Always see what the exact breaking point of your IT performance is.


Automatically scale up and down your workload - whenever and whatever suits your end-users' needs.


Testing modules for every step

Whatever you wish to test, LoadGen makes it easier with user-friendly software. All products use the same testing modules, which allow you to create customized simulations in just a few simple tests. The information acquired in the outcomes allow you to take appropriate action and let you locate, identify and resolve problems within a day. Well in time so that the user experience of your IT environment remains optimal.​ 

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Director module
Configure & execute tests

Set up and prepare your tests from a single easy-to-use console in the Director module. Straightforward and easy.

Studio module
Simulate actual usage

Build your own flexible and stunning end-user workload with the Studio module. Or use a community-drive workload. ​All without the need to write any scripts or see any code.

Analyzer module
Analyze & report

When your test is running, use the Analyzer module to monitor your test in real-time.​ Or analyze your test results, or convert the data into an insightful management report.