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Let our expertise work for you

Our knowledge and passion for technology and innovation are translated into clever, efficient and user-friendly products. However, our services go beyond that with customized consultancies. Our expertise can help you with:


  • The installation, upgrade, and Activation of LoadGen software

  • Setting up end-user simulations and tests 

  • Debugging and troubleshooting

  • Activating and monitoring of user simulations and tests

  • Analyzing test results and creating diagrams and charts

  • Creating reports and templates

  • On-the-job training, and more.


LoadGen Consultancy is a customized service. We would be more than happy to give you a quote tailored to your requirements.


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The installation, upgrade and activation of LoadGen software

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Setting up end-user simulations and tests

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Debugging and troubleshooting

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Activating and monitoring of user simulations and tests

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Analyzing test results and creating diagrams and charts

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Making reports

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On-the- job training, and more

Become a LoadGen certified pro!

Make use of our expertise

LoadGen prides itself on the user-friendliness and seeming simplicity of its products. Complex, clever software codes are translated into proven, effective products and made ready-to-use for our clients. 

During this course, our professionals explain how to install and configure specific LoadGen software step-by-step, going through and practicing creating User Flows. This course culminates in an exam. If the participants successfully pass the exam, they will receive the LoadGen Certified Professional certificate. The training is given in a two-day course with no more than 5 participants per course. The course is especially useful for performance consultants, system engineers, and technical application administrators.


Proof of Concept

Satisfaction Guaranteed

LoadGen stands for effective, efficient solutions and customer service. We believe that our software meets all your needs and requirements, that it is applicable to your IT environment and will give immediate results.


LoadGen Proof of Concept proves that we can obtain the required data to improve your user experience and optimize your IT environment.

Managed Services

Managed Services

End-to-End Monitoring

LoadGen Managed Services was developed for clients that use End-to-End Monitoring. In certain industries where IT environments change constantly, simulations also need to be continually adjusted. LoadGen is happy to take over this responsibility. Our professionals will also make sure that the simulations continue to run after the changes are implemented and provide you with detailed periodic reports

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