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LoadGen is made for your virtual desktop environment

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Our products


Load & Performance Testing

The ultimate load, performance and stress testing software

An optimally functioning IT environment is the foundation of a successful business. However, what is meant by optimal and how do you know if your environment meets the required performance and capacity standards?


LoadGen gives you insight into your IT environment on multiple levels. It shows underlying issues and tests the possible effects of changes on user experience in advance.


Proactive, user-friendly, and fast.


End-to-End Monitoring

Improvement starts with


Productive employees and happy customers are key to a well-functioning business.


You may facilitate employees and service customers with software, applications, and more.


But what is the user experience? What are the areas for improvement?

Are user complaints genuine?


Do applications perform similarly at every location?



Functional & Automated Testing

Create functional tests and automate test with Jenkins or Team Services

The extensive LoadGen Functional & Automated Testing options make it possible to create simulations and functional tests for users that address their specific queries.


Different test cases can be created with focus on aspects such as functionality, user convenience, efficiency, and flexibility. A time-saving method that can be integrated with build automation tools such as Jenkins and Visual Studio Team.



White label your GUI testing with the LoadGen Cloud

Extend your existing test or monitoring applications with the LoadGen Cloud

Scalable and pay-per-session Load and Performance Testing from Anywhere

Get the full picture by correlating your test or monitoring metrics with CA APM, New Relic, AppDynamics, Dynatrace, CloudWatch, and many others.


Workspace Performance Insight

Coming soon!

Find out which applications your employees or clients use the most and the least? Or which versions they use and how these perform?



LoadGen’s Workspace Performance Insight allows you to assess the usage and consumption of your application on all devices (both workstations and servers) running Microsoft Windows.

Coming soon...

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