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LoadGen End-to-End Monitoring Cloud edition

Productive employees and happy customers are key to a well-functioning business. You may facilitate employees and service customers with software, applications, and more. But what is the user experience? What are the areas for improvement? Are complaints genuine? And do applications perform similarly at every location?

LoadGen Cloud End-to-End Monitoring will help you monitor your Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops, Microsoft Remote Desktop, Azure Virtual Desktop, VMware Horizon, or Windows FAT Client environment. All from a user perspective, launch user sessions (from) every 10 minutes from anywhere in the world. Analyze user experience trends from the stunning LoadGen Dashboards or trigger alerts when you exceed your SLA agreements.

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Benefits of LoadGen

End-to-End Monitoring

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Define trends and proactively respond to any issues.

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Ensure that everyone can work pleasantly and without delays.


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Provide clear information to end-users.


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Customize tests to suit the needs of your organization.

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Compare your IT environment’s performance in multiple locations simultaneously (worldwide).


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Increase efficiency and ease of use.


LoadGen in your Environment

Control your (virtualized) desktop environment

LoadGen End-to- End Monitoring supports Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops, Microsoft Remote Desktop Services, VMware Horizon, Azure Virtual Desktop, and Windows FAT clients. The information acquired allows problems to be located, identified and resolved within a day. The results generated by LoadGen End-to- End Monitoring are completely objective and are a reliable base to run improvement processes. User complaints can be resolved quickly and efficiently and will consequently decrease in number, whilst increasing user satisfaction.

LoadGen is made for your virtual desktop environment

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LoadGen Cloud

LoadGen Cloud

With the LoadGen Cloud your 15 minutes away from setting up the End-to-End Monitoring infrastructure to monitor your environment

LoadGen Cloud Profile

LoadGen Cloud Profile

The LoadGen Cloud Profile wizard will help you set up your monitoring infrastructure in just minutes

Stunning Dashboard

Stunning Dashboard

The LoadGen Dashboards give you a perfect insight into your user experience

Design Dashboard

Design Dashboard

With the LoadGen Dashboard Creator you can create the best overview for your organization

LoadGen Cloud Studio

LoadGen Cloud Studio

Create real world user workloads - based on your own business applications - with the LoadGen Cloud Studio

E2E Pricing


Free Trial

€ 0,-

Get acquainted with our new and improved End-to-End Performance Monitoring suite.

21 days of free monitoring your total IT environment and end-user experience.

During your free trial, you can test with 1 agent (vUser).


Learn as much as you can about our great features.

Your free trial includes LoadGen Director, LoadGen Studio and LoadGen Analyzer.

You’ll get support through our website.

No credit card required.

After your free trial

Contact us for a quote

Citrix, Microsoft Remote Desktop, VMware Horizon, Azure Virtual Desktop, or Windows Fat Client.

Scalable from 1 to 1000 LoadGen Agents.

Subscriptions from 1 month to 1 year.

Monitoring your total IT environment and end-user experience as often as you like.



Custom actions (email/executable) – on several test and simulation events



The LoadGen Suite includes the LoadGen Director, Studio, and Analyzer.

You will get premium support.

Get started with your Free Trial today!

Start your 21 days free trial
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Company name is used for your LoadGen Cloud-account

* After requesting a free trial you will receive a couple of emails. Please check your spam folder if you don't receive our emails in a timely manner.

* LoadGen Cloud Agents and Studio works on Windows only

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