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This Citrix Ready certified solution provides detailed insights and diagnostics, leveraging years of domain expertise to identify and resolve performance bottlenecks efficiently. LoadGen delivers holistic performance visibility, enabling proactive management and guaranteeing exceptional end-user experiences.


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LoadGen streamlines performance testing with its intuitive Startup Wizard, guiding you through setup and showcasing the LoadGen Director's features. Easily configure load tests for thousands of users using Load Profiles. LoadGen Agents simulate user activities accurately without modifying your IT environment, ensuring realistic testing conditions.

Datastores securely process and store test results in an SQL database. LoadGen measures user experience against performance indicators of your servers, storage, and network components. The Recorder captures all actions during sample sessions and converts them into scripts. The Script Editor, IntelliSense-based and built on .NET ( and C#), allows advanced user activity simulations with custom code libraries and external files.

Load Scenarios enable comprehensive load test creation, linking post events to test phases and individual users. The Execute module provides real-time status updates on your load tests for immediate visibility and control.

The LoadGen Director simplifies load test preparation and execution from a single console. LoadGen’s features ensure optimal performance for Citrix environments, delivering reliable performance metrics and exceptional user experiences.

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Startup Wizard
Step-by-step guidance for setup and feature overview.

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LoadGen Agents
Simulate user activity accurately without modifying the IT environment.

LG DRC load profiles.png

Load Profiles
Easily configure load tests for thousands of users.

LG DRC datastores.png

Secure and reliable storage of test results in an SQL database.

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Script Editor
IntelliSense-based, supports .NET ( and C#) for advanced simulations and custom code.

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User Experience Measurement
Compare user experience with server, storage, and network performance indicators.

LGn_User simulations_edited.png

Load Scenarios
Create comprehensive load tests with post events linked to test phases and users.

LG DGB activate.png


Capture sample session actions and convert them into detailed scripts.


Execute Module
Get real-time status updates and immediate visibility of load tests.


  • Citrix EndPoint Management

  • Citrix GateWay

  • Citrix Virtual Apps & Desktops Service on Azure

  • Citrix DaaS

  • Citrix ADC

  • Citrix HyperVisor

  • Citrix Virtual Apps

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Ease of Use
Intuitive interface and step-by-step setup reduce complexity and learning curve.


Holistic Performance Visibility
Detailed user experience measurements against critical infrastructure components.

LG DRC load profiles.png

Comprehensive Testing Simulate thousands of users and create detailed activity scripts for thorough performance testing.

LG DRC load profiles.png

Advanced Scripting Capabilities
Robust Script Editor with IntelliSense and .NET support for precise user activity simulation.

LG SR bestaand script openen.png

Accurate Simulations
LoadGen Agents provide realistic user behavior without altering existing IT setups.

LG SR bestaand script openen.png

Customizable Load Scenarios
Build tailored load tests with linked post events for detailed analysis.

LGn_User simulations_edited.png

Secure Data Management Reliable storage and processing of test results with SQL database integration.

LGn_User simulations_edited.png

Real-Time Monitoring
Immediate status updates and control over ongoing load tests through the Execute module.


Optimized Citrix Performance
Ensures Citrix Environments perform optimally, delivering exceptional user experiences and reliable performance metrics.

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