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LoadGen releases its 5.0 version and introduces: LoadGen Functional & Automated Testing

Updated: Jan 11, 2019

A time-saving method that can be integrated with build automation tools such as Jenkins and Visual Studio Team Services.

February 14th, 2018, Zoetermeer. LoadGen, a leader in the test software industry which focusses on user experience and functionality within IT environments, today announces its major release of LoadGen 5.0. Included in this release is a brand new application: LoadGen Functional & Automated Testing and the following stunning new features:

  • LoadGen Configurator, which allows you to set up your test environment in only 5 minutes!

  • Productivity enhancement of the LoadGen Director: we bring you the LoadGen Canvas, which is the new way to display and set up your test environment. It will simplify your test environment even further.

  • A new way to validate: controls! Check if a control is painted within the application, and directly add a Call to Action on this control (i.e., send a mouse click). In 5.0 we support Fat Client (Windows 7 and up), in our upcoming 5.1 release we will add support for Citrix and Remote Desktop Services too.

  • Image recognition validation: it is much faster and will find images even with screen optimizations enabled (i.e., Citrix SpeedScreen).

The extensive LoadGen Functional & Automated Testing product makes it possible to create simulations and functional tests that address your specific queries. Different test cases can be created that focus on aspects such as functionality, user convenience, efficiency, and flexibility. A time saving method that can be integrated with build automation tools such as Jenkins and Visual Studio Team Srtvices. Daniel Nikolic, CTO of LoadGen says: “An optimally functioning, safe IT environment and positive user experience are essential for a successful organization. Our smart LoadGen software products are designed to give our customers detailed information about their IT environment. Affordable investments that allow them to identify possible issues in functionality, performance or user experience. Or even better, to prevent them”.

About LoadGen

LoadGen specializes in developing products and services relating to Load and Performance Testing, End-to-End Monitoring and Functional | Automated Testing of Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop, Microsoft Remote Desktop Services, VMware Horizon and Windows Fat Client environments. LoadGen produces test solutions that support organizations in their efforts to create a safe and optimized IT environment with a positive end-user experience. We are continually working to make LoadGen the most powerful, intuitive and user-friendly software for Citrix, Microsoft, and VMware environments. More about LoadGen:

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