New Release: LoadGen 5.0

We’re excited to announce the release of LoadGen 5.0 and the introduction of our brand new product: LoadGen Functional | Automated Testing. The extensive LoadGen Functional | Automated Testing product makes it possible to suit your needs, create simulations and functional tests that address your specific queries.

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User-Friendliness is leading

LoadGen prides itself on the user-friendliness and seeming simplicity of its products. Complex, well-thought- out software codes are translated into proven, effective products and made ready-to- use for our clients.

Intelligent and intuitive software where positive user experience has priority. That is what we strive for day in, day out. Innovation is not our objective, innovation is LoadGen!

Set up faster than ever

LoadGen Director

Configure. Execute.

Straightforward preparation of your test, setting everything up from a single, easy-to-use console.

LoadGen Studio

Simulate actual usage.

Build your own stunning end user simulations, without the need to write scripts or see any code.

LoadGen Analyzer

Analyze. Report.

Realtime monitoring, analyzing test results and automatically converting them into insightful management reports.

LoadGen is your number 1 choice of software!

Powerful. Intuitive. User friendly.

LoadGen gives you perfect insight in your complete IT environment and end-user experience. It offers amazing new features, like LoadGen Studio – where you can intuitively build your own stunning simulations and tests, without the need to write scripts or see any code!

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