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Achievements of 2018

To illustrate, LoadGen is an application suite which offers customers and service providers a complete software solution to build, test and maintain the optimal performance, user experience, scalability, and availability of (virtual) desktop environments including all of your business applications. Additionally, LoadGen is available in 5 products:

• LoadGen Load & Performance Test

• LoadGen End-to-End Monitoring

• LoadGen Functional & Automated Testing

• LoadGen Workspace Insight

• LoadGen Cloud

In the past year we worked on our LoadGen 5 release, which has some great improvements in several LoadGen applications:

• LoadGen Configurator

This is a setup application from LoadGen to configure your first test. This tool makes it easier to set up a test because it guides you through all the setup steps and starts automatically after installing LoadGen for the first time.

• LoadGen Director

This is the central application of LoadGen in which you configure and execute a load test, or start a monitoring period, depending on your chosen software suite. Furthermore, this tool contains all information needed to execute a test, including the test-users, the database for test-results, the configuration and distribution of LoadGen Agents and the build-up of the load.

• LoadGen Studio

This tool allows you to build flows for testing, including user-actions, measurements, synchronization points, loops and checks. These flows are interchangeable between Citrix XenApp, Citrix XenDesktop, Microsoft Remote Desktop Services, VMware Horizon, and Local Client solutions. The LoadGen Studio is very comprehensive and intuitive which results in the elimination of code from the user interface. You do not need to see or write any code to create complex flows.

• LoadGen Functional Studio

This tool is especially focused on building flows for functional and automated testing on the local machine.

The upgrade in the LoadGen Configurator now makes sure that the installation of LoadGen software is easier, also for a first-time use. Also, one can start a test immediately after finishing the Configurator with the LoadGen Basic Flow.

Furthermore, the LoadGen Director has a clear and simple canvas to visualize the entire route from a user simulation to its target. Added to the LoadGen Studio is the validation on Windows and the possibility to add application and file-system actions for Local client environments. Especially interesting is the faster development and easier debugging of your flows in this update.

As another addition to the LoadGen 5 release the LoadGen Functional Studio now offers functional and automated testing on the local machine. Test-runs even have an automatic report output in DocX or PDF format. All test results are saved in a database which makes it easy to compare or re-use test cases. Besides this improvement of functional automated testing on a local machine, working in the cloud has also improved massively. The LoadGen Cloud Studio now has a User GUI simulation which is fully API Driven.

We are looking forward to work on new releases and with great customers in 2019.



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