Software for testing IT environments and business applications from a user perspective

Productive employees and happy customers are key to a well-functioning business. You may facilitate employees and service customers with software, applications and more. But what is the user experience? What are the areas for improvement? Are complaints genuine? And do applications perform similarly at every location?


Download the 21 days Free Trial LoadGen End to End Performance Monitoring and find out if the software can add value to your business.

Get your 21 days Free trial of LoadGen End to End Performance Monitoring 

Define trends and proactively respond to any issues.

Ensure that everyone can work pleasantly and without delays.


Provide clear information to end-users.


Customize tests to suit the needs of your organization.

Compare your IT environment’s performance in multiple locations simultaneously (worldwide).


Increase efficiency and ease of use.


LoadGen Applications

Control your (virtualized) desktop environment


LoadGen End-to- End Monitoring supports Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop, Microsoft Remote Desktop Services, VMware Horizon and fat clients. The information acquired allows problems to be located, identified and resolved within a day. The results generated by LoadGen End-to- End Monitoring are completely objective and are a reliable base to run improvement processes. User complaints can be resolved quickly and efficiently and will consequently decrease in number, whilst increasing user satisfaction.

LoadGen Director

Configure. Execute.


Straightforward preparation of your tests, set-up your tests

from a single, easy-to-use console.

LoadGen Studio

Simulate actual usage.

Build your own stunning end-user test

simulations, without the need to write scripts or see any code.

LoadGen Analyzer

Analyze. Report.


Real-time monitoring, analyzing test results and automatically converting them into insightful management reports.

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